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~Yahoo Sports By Trey Kerby

This Thursday, every NBA team you’ve ever heard of, including something called the Los Angeles Clippers (probably made-up), will be trying to get LeBron James(notes) to hold up a No. 6 jersey at a press conference down the road. Each of these franchises will sell James on why they’re the best. However, if you listen to a number of well-connected journalists, LeBron James has already made up his mind and will be playing for every franchise in the NBA.

Let’s start 10 days ago, with the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Stephen A. Smith who boldly declared, and likely screamed, that LeBron James might be wearing orange and blue next season. From the New York Post:

“From what my sources tell me, he still hasn’t made a final decision, but he’s higher on New York now than he was a month ago,” Stephen A. Smith told ESPN Radio on Friday. “And the reality is that he is leaning more towards New York than he is towards returning to Cleveland.” […]

Smith added that the sources said James’ advisers have been asking “very in-depth questions” about the Knicks organization and that the superstar may not sign with Chicago because he doesn’t want to compete with Michael Jordan’s legacy.

Oh, cool. LeBron wants to be a Knick. That makes sense. I am glad this is all settled and we can all enjoy our summer vacations.

But wait, there’s more.

It’s blatantly obvious that LeBron James will be a Bullcavanetheatknickerick next year. Might as well start sewing your Frankenstein jersey now.

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~On another note…NBA Breaking News: Chris Bosh to Miami

According to multiple sources, Chris Bosh will sign with the Miami Heat when free agency starts up. This means Dwayne Wade will re-sign with Miami.

Bosh fits in well with the Heat. He will start at power forward for Miami. That means they have money to sign two more max free agents.

This most likely means Michael Beasley will be traded this summer. He will turn into a bench warmer if the Heat continue to pursue max free agents, so it would be the best move for his career to request a trade.

Okay, let’s get back to this breaking news.

Bosh must’ve gotten a promise from Dwyane Wade to come back, because you know Bosh wouldn’t go there by himself. Also, another player will most likely have to come to make this a reality in Miami.

Bosh will start a domino effect for Free Agency next week. According to multiple sources, Amar’e Stoudemire and Joe Johnson will sign with the New York Knicks.


This is the first step to a dynasty for the Heat. Chris Bosh is going to be a great fit for Miami.

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