May 252010

(Part V Expose’) Rep. Schakowsky *PART I * and ShoreBank: New Evidence of Conflict of Interest

Communist Goals (1963)

[From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]


1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

* See how many have been accomplished…JUST a documented FYI

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS, NOVEMBER 13, 2009: Despite the US State Department’s stance for a ‘Honduran Solution,’ some Republican US Senators and House members have openly intervened and strongly supported the de facto government, not recognized by any nation in the world. US Rep. Jan. Schakowsky (D-Illinois), is the first congressperson to visit Honduras since the June 28 coup that did not come in prefabricated support of the de facto regime.

She was invited by Bertha Oliva, Coordinator of COFADEH, a human rights organization that has been documenting abuses for the past 27 years. COFADEH has documented more than 3,000 illegal detentions since the coup and over 21 murders in a report published Oct. 22. During her recent mission in Washington, Oliva invited Schakowsky to witness firsthand the Honduran reality of police brutality that is not making the headlines.

US Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Three-Day Fact-Finding Mission in Honduras

Background Related:

Deal Reached in Honduras to Restore Ousted President


Meet Jan Schakowsky, the newest useful idiot for leftist thugs in Latin America

Varela also met with two members of Congress, Democratic Representatives Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and John Tierney of Massachusetts.

Cuba singer barred by Bush visits U.S., sees official

Member of The Progressive Caucus The Socialists In The United States Congress ~ Jan Schakowsky (IL-9, Chicago) (Check out the entire clanship)

Opposed ACORN Investigation into Child Sex Slavery, Human Trafficking, Tax Evasion, Mortgage Fraud Charges ( right alongside a host of other lovely Reps that taxpayers pay their salary )

One of 22 Congressmen Who Hate Christmas (Isn’t that in the 45 somewhere above?)

He provided ...

JW ~ (Husband Guilty of Bank Fraud) Cheating in Chicago

It is not surprising that the Chicago Democrat, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, has endorsed Obama. Schakowsky, who endorsed Howard Dean for president in 2004, was honored in 2000 at a dinner sponsored by the Chicago chapter of the DSA. Her husband, Robert Creamer, emerged
from federal prison in November 2006 after serving five months for financial crimes. He pleaded guilty to ripping off financial institutions while running a non-profit group. Before he was convicted but under indictment, Creamer was hired by the Soros-funded Open Society Policy Center to sabotage John Bolton’s nomination as Ambassador to the U.N.
*See, I tied it up all pretty with a ribbon for you, it ALL comes Full Circle doesn’t it?
Husband is a Socialist Author ~ Obama’s International Socialist Connections By Cliff Kincaid | February 14, 2008

Ex-con Robert Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, guest at tonight’s White House state dinner

August 31, 2005 he pleaded guilty to charges of bank fraud and failure to pay federal taxeson charges brought by U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. He admitted in his plea agreement that he wrote checks on accounts that lacked funds and did so repeatedly as he moved money from one account to another in three banks. He had a multiple group of organizations that received money, the best known being the Illinois Public Action Council a left-wing group on which his wife, Jan Schakowsky, was a board member.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (Creamer’s wife) has regularly criticized the Bush administrations supposed failing in ethicsand she often receives warm civic accolades as she did some years ago from the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Robert Creamer has been a political organizer and strategist for almost four decades. He is a consultant to the campaigns to end the war in Iraq, pass universal health care, change America’s budget priorities and enact comprehensive immigration reform. His clients have included labor unions, public interest groups, and advocacy organizations like, Americans United for Change and USAction.

Among other things, CREAMER IS A BUNDLER for Congressman from Vermont, Bernie Sanders who :
• Strongly opposed Bush’s invasion of Iraq, voted against supplemental
funding, supports bringing the troops home now
• Is a committed environmentalist with a 100% rating from the Sierra Club
• Is a champion of the rights of American working people
• Supports universal health care
• Is dedicated to achieving racial justice for all citizens

Creamer has TWO fax numbers, one of which appears on THIS (link below) mail-in fund raising campaign message. It reads, “Fax the form with your credit card information to Sanders for Senate at 202 331-0131… ”…

* Make sure you look at this link our friend Grayson is front & center

Trevor Loudon first wrote about Schakowsky in February 2008. Recently, he mentioned Schakowskys husband, Robert Creamer, who is a board member, along with former SDSers, husband and wife, Paul Booth and Heather Booth (Chairman), of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge-funded Midwest Academy.

But theres a whole lot more to the Schakowsky-Creamer-Obama relationship.

Camp Obama? Robert Creamer paid himself big bucks while banks held the bag. He taught a group of young (mostly) volunteers for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama.

[Note that Creamer surfaced as a registered lobbyist working against the Senate confirmation of UN ambassador John Bolton, paid by the George Soros-funded Open Society Policy Center. ]

Creamer taught at Camp Obama, a week-long summer camp last month held at the presidential candidates office in Chicago for campaign interns and volunteersjust a few blocks away from the federal court where on August 31, 2005 he pleaded guilty to charges of bank fraud and failure to pay federal taxeson charges brought by U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

*And the gang’s all here…

This says it All...

Her Record

May 252010

~AP via FOX

NFL owners have voted to put the championship game in the new $1.6 billion Meadowlands stadium that’s about to become home to the New York Jets and Giants.

RVING, Texas — Check the antifreeze, grab the mittens, make sure the airport’s not snowed in.

We’re going to the Super Bowl.

In New Jersey!

NFL owners voted Tuesday to put the 48th Super Bowl in the new $1.6 billion Meadowlands Stadium that this season will become home to the New York Jets and Giants. It’s the first time the league has gone to a cold weather site that doesn’t have a dome and, until now, those places couldn’t even bid on the big game.

The league made an exception for the New York area, and New York only. But just a few years ago, the NHL experimented with an outdoor game on New Year’s Day, and it was such a success that teams now fight to host what’s become an annual event.

“We believe the owners have the faith in us that 3 1/2 years from now we’ll put on a remarkable event,” Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch said on the NFL Network. “The greatest game in the world will be played on the greatest stage in the world.”

For all the hoopla on putting the Super Bowl in the nation’s prime media market, it wasn’t a slamdunk. It took four votes by NFL owners to pick New Jersey over two Florida cities, Miami and Tampa. Miami was eliminated after the second ballot.

If the NFL decides to wait and see how this foray into the great outdoors in winter goes, it could be until about 2019 or 2020 to try again because it takes a year or two to put together a bid for a game that’s another four years away.

The slogan for New York’s bid is “Make Some History.” The first piece likely to be made is a record-low temperature at kickoff. The current record is 39 degrees in 1972 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, and that would be considered a warm February day in East Rutherford, N.J.

There’s never been snow in a Super Bowl game and that could happen, too.

The average temperature range for the Meadowlands area during February is 24 to 40 degrees, with several inches of rain, according to the bid documents. Remember, the game kicks off after sunset in the Eastern time zone, so temperatures would be dropping throughout the night.

Planners have factored it all in. They’re plotting giveaways to warm hands and seats, having hundreds of folks ready to shovel away snow and anything else they can do to make the experience more than just bearable.

May 252010

By Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs

~and former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author of The Post-American Presidency (coming July 27 from Simon & Schuster).

There has been a terrible development in the case of Rifqa Bary, the teenage girl who fled from her home in fear for her life after her devout Muslim father found out she had become a Christian. According to Rifqa, who is now in foster care in Ohio, she has been diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer.

While this is a tragedy, how Rifqa is being victimized by her lawyers and her parents is nothing less than an atrocity. Her lawyers kept her in the dark about her condition — despite the seriousness of her cancer — for well over a week while they conferred with her parents and their CAIR-appointed lawyers about her treatment.

While most cases like this result in a hysterectomy, Rifqa is only having the advanced malignancy removed. From what I understand, the survival rate in cases like these is only five percent.

Was she allowed to get a second opinion? No.

While she was lying ill, her lawyers brought her parents to her hospital bed. She was awaiting treatment and when she saw them, whereupon she became very agitated and upset. Her parents had to be removed.

One thing that has happened as a result of this terrible development is that Rifqa has broken her silence, a silence mandated by her lawyers. For some time now, she could not talk to her friends, such as her close friend and fellow convert from Islam, Jamal Jivanjee, or to those of us who have not wavered in our support for her civil rights and religious liberty.

She reached out to Jamal, who reports that “Rifqa has already had two surgeries at this point, and she is getting ready to undergo a third surgery which will be occurring this Thursday, May 27. … As soon as Rifqa heals from the major surgery that she will undergo this Thursday, it is expected that she will need to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy. Although she has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, the extent of her condition will be known after this Thursday’s surgery.”

Now Rifqa is scared, and with good reason. Says Jamal, “Her situation is very serious, and she will need the help of many people in the weeks and months ahead.” Her entire legal strategy, of which I have been critical, was directed at keeping her safe and securing her immigration status. Now here we are at the end of May, and this strategy is obviously an abysmal failure: Rifqa has no immigration status.

Rifqa’s legal strategy has been reactive, not proactive. Her lawyers have been kept busy responding to motions filed by Omar Tarazi, who was chosen for the Barys by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case.

The worst example of how Tarazi fooled Rifqa’s lawyers was that he compelled them to have Rifqa plead guilty to “unruliness” to secure dependency, and then reneged on his part of the deal once the guilty plea had been entered. The guilty plea continues to have negative ramifications for those who love Rifqa and have helped her. With the “unruly” plea as a pretext, criminal investigations are proceeding, and charges are pending against people who helped Rifqa, such as Brian Williams and Blake and Beverly Lorenz, who helped Rifqa when she fled from her home.

What Tarazi is doing is running out the clock so that Rifqa will be without immigration status when she turns 18 this August. Will authorities then deport her?

There is no way of knowing for sure, but CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood reportedly have infiltrated senior levels at the State Department so deeply that it is a distinct possibility.

And in Sri Lanka, as Rifqa herself has said, she could be killed or institutionalized, with no unwelcome scrutiny interfering in the application of Islamic law.

Jamal Jivanjee explains: “Many people have thought that her eighteenth birthday would be a cause of celebration because she would be free of the immediate threat of being placed under the control of her devout Muslim parents.” But instead, “Rifqa will be facing many challenges when she turns 18 on August 10.” Upon her birthday in August 2010, she will be an illegal alien in need of serious chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

This is a horror. Everyone has failed Rifqa: her parents, her lawyers, the state of Florida, the state of Ohio, child protective services.

I ask all readers to keep Rifqa in your prayers.

Prayers for Rifqa's Suffering & Ease her pain & be her strength God

May 252010


Decades-old Landmark ruling may stop building from being torn down

The plan to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero may have hit a snag, due to an over 20-year pending landmark status.

The American Society for Muslim Advancement purchased the 152-year-old building at 45 Park Place last year for $4.8 million. Their controversial plan to tear down the building and construct a 13-story mosque and community center has had many critics who feel it’s disrespectful to those lost during the September 11th attacks.

A 1989 decision by the Landmarks Commission to propose the landmark status of the building may now prevent the building from being razed and the $100 million mosque from being constructed.

The building is located on a site once owned by Columbia College, and is “a prominent example of the store and loft structures that dominated the drygoods warehouse districts of Lower Manhattan,” said Elisabeth de Bourboun, the Landmarks Commission’s Director of Communications.

It was was one of a handful in Tribeca that were proposed as individual landmarks and heard in the 1980s, but not designated, explained de Bourbon.

“These buildings were part of the community requests we received in the 1980s to designate the four Tribeca historic districts,” she said. “The commission held a public hearing on a proposal to landmark the building in September 1989, and has taken no formal action since then.”

The building was converted to a discount clothing store in the late 1960s, and was most recently leased to Burlington Coat Factory.

The Landmarks Commission plans to hold another public hearing in the future, although a date has not been scheduled.

May 252010

JoeDanMedia — May 22, 2010 — Too many racial arsonists like Sharpton, Jackson & La Raza scream ‘racism’ as easily as they take a breath. I’m tired of the media outlets including (all-white) MSNBC calling me a racist.

So I wrote this little ‘kiss my countryass’ piece. Hope you like it.

God bless,
Joe Dan ~

~I Strongly recommend this for the lyrics Kudos to Joe Dan! ~JP

May 252010

Quote by Joel
“Freedom is the idea that brought my family here. Freedom is the idea that won the Cold War. Freedom is what Americans want us to fight for. Our task is to do it!”

tax day tea party Daley Plaza Downtown Chicago

Joel Pollak is a human rights lawyer and author from Skokie, Illinois. He immigrated with his family to the U.S. from South Africa in 1977 and became a U.S. citizen in 1987. He attended Solomon Schechter Day School and Niles North High School, where he graduated first in his class in 1995. He was also captain of the swimming team, president of the math team, and an All-State Scholar-Athlete.

Read Joe’s Bio


Joel Pollak – Public Affairs

Ballad of the Tea Party – Joel Pollak (R-IL-9)

April 15, 2010 — The Ballad of the Tea Party

Written and Performed by Joel Pollak (R)
Nominee for Congress – 9th District, Illinois
Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois
April 15, 2010

On a cold night in Boston, three ships in the dock
With their valuable cargo still waiting to stock
But the colonists wont pay the duty on tea
And the governor wont let the ships out to sea

Sing – hey, hey, what do we say?
American freedom is here to stay!
Hey, hey, what do we say?
Dont tax our freedom away!

Now the Crown has been adding new fees by the score
And the people dont think they can bear any more
Yet they dont have a vote, so they dont have a say
And theyre starting to talk about breaking away


Now the people have gathered round the Old Meeting House
If the governor listens, theyll still hear him out
But Sam Adams, he reads the report with a frown
So the people decide that the tea must do down


So they don their disguises and clamber aboard
And the governors tea is soon tossed overboard
And the news spreads throughout the thirteen colonies
That our countrys new motto is Dont Tread On Me.


Now today we have gathered–young, old, black, and white
And weve all got the vote, so we dont need to fight
But if Washington taxes our future away
Then well throw them all out on Election Day!


JOEL POLLAK FEATURED AT TAX DAY TEA PARTY 9th District Candidate Stirs Crowd with Speech, Song

~ Joel is one of my favorite writer’s and would UNDOUBTEDLY have my vote if I were still there

May 252010

Posted by Erick Erickson of Red State

Hat Tip Blackie SM

“When it becomes fair game to attack and intimidate private citizens and their families to advance a public policy, we cross over from an orderly civil democracy to something decidedly third world.”

I would like to be gloating this morning that Charles Djou is the newest congressman from Hawaii. This won’t get a lot of play probably, but it should. Djou won Barack Obama’s home district in Hawaii. The district is heavily Democrat. The Democrats could not agree on a candidate and Djou, therefore, won.

I would like to be gloating, but there is a far more disturbing story out there we need to pay attention to. Barack Obama’s union friends are dragging us into the third world — and not just with their economic policies.

In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela or in Thailand or in former Eastern Bloc countries it would not be unheard of for union goons to show up on a man’s doorstep to intimidate the man into submitting to the thugocracy’s will. It is not supposed to happen here.

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama told Wall Street that he, personally *he*, was all that stood between them and pitchforks. Well, Obama’s SEIU buddies decided to break out the pitchforks.

500 SEIU goons showed up on the front porch of a house belonging to a Bank of America Executive. The man’s 14 year old son was home alone and, fearing for his life, barricaded himself into a bathroom.

This comes a few years after groupies did the same to Karl Rove’s house. Only that time they brought the media in tow.

Here is what is so stark and troubling about this incident: the media was not invited. The SEIU brought along a Huffington Post blogger to shoot some propaganda, but otherwise the media was not invited. Why not? Because this was an act of sheer intimidation. It wasn’t a publicity stunt. Had a journalist, Nina Easton, not lived next door we may never have known this happened.

Friends, this is not supposed to happen in America. More troubling, the former head of the SEIU, Andy Stern, was Barack Obama’s most frequent visitor to the White House last year. Patrick Gaspard, the guy who was in charge of the SEIU before Stern, is now Barack Obama’s political director. Gaspard’s brother is a lobbyist for ACORN.

The SEIU spent last summer beating up conservatives at congressional town hall meetings about health care. Now the SEIU is sending busloads of goons to the front porches of bank executives to intimidate them and their families.

When it becomes fair game to attack and intimidate private citizens and their families to advance a public policy, we cross over from an orderly civil democracy to something decidedly third world.

Had these been tea parties instead of SEIU activists, this would be the front page story of the New York Times.

May 252010

By ERICA WERNER and JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press Writers Erica Werner And Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press Writers –

How bad is that when sending U.S.Troops to our borders is the SOLUTION?!?

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will send 1,200 National Guard troops to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border, an administration official and an Arizona congresswoman said Tuesday, pre-empting Republican plans to try to force votes on such a deployment.

Obama will also request $500 million for border protection and law enforcement activities, they said.

The National Guard troops will work on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support, analysis and training, and support efforts blocking drug trafficking. The troops will temporarily supplement border patrol agents until Customs and Border Patrol can recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the border, the administration official said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of a public announcement, disclosed the plans shortly after Obama met at the Capitol with Republican senators who pressed him on immigration issues including the question of sending Guard troops to the border.

Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl have been urging such a move and Republicans planned to try to attach it as an amendment to a pending war spending bill.

In a speech Tuesday on the Senate floor, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said the situation on the border has “greatly deteriorated.” He called for 6,000 National Guard troops to be sent to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I appreciate the additional 1,200 being sent … as well as an additional $500 million, but it’s simply not enough,” McCain said.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., said in a statement that the administration would announce the deployments later in the day Tuesday.

Homeland Security and Pentagon officials have been jousting over the possible National Guard deployment for the better part of a year. Pentagon officials worried about perceptions that the U.S. was militarizing the border and did not want Guard troops to perform law enforcement duties.

VIDEO: Stimulus Cash to Secure the Border? GOP lawmaker (JOHN Cornyn AZ ) wants unspent federal funds to stem flow of illegal immigration

May 252010

by Archy Cary Andrew Breitbart Big Journalism

The family of Greg Baer, Bank of America executive, is located in a jurisdiction protected by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), which responded promptly to a disturbance call from his neighborhood last weekend.

According to Corporal Dan Friz, an MCPD spokesperson in Rockville, Maryland, the department received a disturbance call from one of Baer’s neighbors at 4:10 pm last Sunday. Four MCPD units arrived at Baer’s Greenville Rd. address at 4:15 pm. At least two Metropolitan Police Department units from the nearby District of Columbia were already at the scene when they arrived.

Why? Because police cars attached to the Washington MPD’s Civil Disturbance Unit had escorted the SEIU protesters’ buses to Baer’s home. Such cross-jurisdictional escort activity is not uncommon for both departments according to Friz and Metro Police Department spokesperson Officer Eric Frost. Still, the District police did not inform their colleagues of what was about to happen in one of their Maryland neighborhoods.

So, let’s sum this up: A caravan of SEIU buses receive a Metropolitan (D.C.) Police Department escort to a private home in Maryland where the protesters, from all appearances, violate Montgomery County law by engaging in a stationary protest. The Montgomery County police were not informed by their cross-jurisdictional colleagues of the impending, unusually large protest pending in their jurisdiction.

What’s up with that? Had the mob decided to torch the house, the D.C. police would not have been authorized to intervene. Not their jurisdiction. They’re just escorts. Meanwhile, a teenage boy is home alone, frightened by what’s happening outside his front door.

There’s something very wrong with this picture.

Full article…

May 252010

by Joel B. Pollak ~ Big Government

I have found evidence that may explain the intense interest of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in bailing out ShoreBank, the “community development” bank that has received extraordinary assistance from her and several other “friends in high places.”

‘Friends in high places’ help ShoreBank raise needed capital ~ South Side lender raises $10 million more than it needed and is hoping to qualify for $75 million in government money to stave off seizure by regulators

The New York Times confirms that Rep. Schakowsky played a leading role in the ShoreBank bailout. Yet ShoreBank is not based in Rep. Schakowsky’s congressional district, and she did not help the Bank of Lincolnwood–which is in her district, and failed in 2009–or Park National Bank, which was also active in community development in Chicago until it was closed by federal regulators last year.

Now, court documents that I have obtained reveal that ShoreBank was one of several banks that Rep. Schakowsky’s husband, Robert Creamer, used in the check kiting scheme for which he was convicted and sentenced to federal prison in 2006.

Read docs at this link and full article

Jan was elected to my district about 3 years before I moved away. She was a ‘chosen’ darling and rumors were she, as many elected in Chicago had her ‘in’ with the “Masheen”. But that was JUST opinions of the conservatives who did their research before voting.

If you follow JUST Piper you know by now I’m here to enlighten you on the “Progressives” that pose the further danger to us collectively to destroy our Constitution & eliminate our rights like a “Machine” gun…but That’s JUST my opinion…but the documentation as you see in the article above doesn’t lie!

What would we do without by Joel B. Pollak ?! He exposes her the best…

On August 31, I headed to the health care town hall meeting of my congressional representative, Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). I suspected that she planned to stack the meeting with paid organizers, after she vowed on Real Time with Bill Maher to bring “millions” of people into the streets to support the so-called “public option.” So I brought a video camera.

Was Democrats’ Health Care Strategy Written In Federal Prison?

IllinoisNinth — August 31, 2009 —
( look for a post today about Joel ! )
A professional HCAN organizer instructs his followers to suppress dissent at Rep. Jan. Schakowsky’s health care town hall meeting on August 31, 2009 in Skokie, IL.

HCAN organizer explains how to block opposing views

~Note the videos about Jan are disappearing off of YouTube due to a copyright claim by Fox News Network, LLC. or This video has been removed by the user

Barack Obama’s long term association with Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

So what you say? They’re “democratic” aren’t they? They’re only “socialists”, not communists or militant radicals?

President Obama has close personal and political ties to several DSA members including Quentin Young (left), Timuel Black, the late Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, the late Saul Mendelson, Lou Pardo, Congressman Danny Davis and DSA honorees Jackie Grimshaw, Jackie Kendall and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

DSA’s several thousand strong membership has grown increasingly militant over the years until the point its policies are almost indistinguishable from those of the Communist Party USA.

JUST MUST read ! Loudon: Obama’s Socialist Appointees — Where is the Spotlight?

Quentin Young is a member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). He and his DSA comrades and his allies in Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) and the Communist Party USA, all want socialized healthcare as a major stepping stone to a socialist America.

Jan Schakowsky -Chicago DSA Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner honoree in 2000, guest speaker in 2004 and a guest in 1993. A long time Obama supporter. (Chockful of Reps that are part of this article)

by Joel B. Pollak

Why is Rep. Jan Schakowsky trying to use Illinois taxpayers’ money to bail out ShoreBank?

Rep. Schakowsky and fellow Illinois Democrat, Sen. Dick Durbin, have pressured state officials to meet with the bank to discuss a $100 million bailout.

Rep. Schakowsky’s ShoreBank Bailout


Caucus Member List
Friday February 20, 2009 (NOTE: Our friend Co-Chairs *Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)*
Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

* The dots DO connect on those behind the illegal immigration uprising

Frontpage: The FCC meeting was very convenient for Medea. She was in town for the “Take Back America (TBA)” confab June 4, 5, and 6 in Washington DC. Other FCC protestors spoke at the TBA conference as well. Jesse Jackson and Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (recipient of a Democratic Socialists of America’s award) were among them.

Succeeding Obama

Jan Schakowsky: Obama’s radical campaign co-chair — and replacement?

NOTE: There is SO very much on this lady that I will be posting PART II in a short while…look for it today!