May 092010

I find it simply unbelievable to equate the fight against lynching and segregation to the fight for health care reform. To link victory over the evils of our past with this ramed-down-our-throats government takeover of the health care system, it puts him in a new light, eh?

Just how arrogant is our president? And what does this say about ObamaCare?

Obama is also setting up the fight against the repeal repeal of ObamaCare. By linking these together he is telling these students to fight for ObamaCare as if they were fighting against the injustice of segregation and lynching. Again, how arrogant?

May 092010

Great work *Green Eyes for bringing this to net attention !!!

Why Is Wikileaks Collecting Military Email Addresses?Helicopter video-leakers Wikileaks just asked for a “list of as many .mil email addresses as possible” via Twitter. That is weird. What are they up to?

We have no idea. Maybe they’re assembling a list to blast in advance of screening their upcoming video of a U.S. air strike in Afghanistan, or looking for people to speak out about the incident? Or maybe they’re just going to email everyone in the military and ask if they have any incriminating videos lying around that they’d like shared with the world? (Good luck with that!) Or maybe they just want us to write about them (mission accomplished) which is certainly possible given Wikileaks’ flair for the dramatic.

In any case, a pretty bold statement for a group that has been declared a national security threat by the Pentagon. We’ve asked Wikileaks for a comment and will update if we hear anything.

Wiki Leak on Twitter Captured ~ We would like a list of as many .mil email addresses as possible. Please contact or submit

Update: Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange responded: “Not yet.”

Send an email to Adrian Chen, the author of this post, at

May 092010

Petition to remove Vice Principal Miguel Rodriguez from Live Oak H.S.

On May 5th, Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez sent home five students from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California for wearing the American Flag on Cinco De Mayo. This Blatant disrespect toward our country and anti-American infringement on a student’s right to learn should not be tolerated. Take action. Sign the petition, send emails to the school and tell your friends.
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1505 East Main Avenue
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Sign the petition

California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo

May 092010

News Real by Joseph Klein

Let me get this straight. According to the Supreme Court, burning the American flag is protected speech under the First Amendment. Yet in order to protect the sensibilities of Mexican-American students celebrating the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, a California Bay area school decided that high school students would not be permitted to wear t-shirts emblazoned with the American flag.

The Live Oak Boys

The Mexican-American students were allowed to display the Mexican flag as well as dress in the colors of the Mexican flag, but those naughty kids wearing American flag t-shirts were sent home on Cinco de Mayo after an administrator at the high school complained that the American flag t-shirt was “incendiary.”

Here is what one of the aggrieved Mexican-American students had to say about those “incendiary” trouble-makers daring to display the stars and stripes in a U.S. public school:

I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day. We don’t deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on Fourth of July.

Isn’t that nice of them?

JUST sick of this victim BS from those breaking the law

May 092010

Global Muslim Brotherhood Report

Global media are reporting that Zaki Bani Rsheid, described as a “hardliner” and a “hawk”, was chosen today as secretary general of the Islamic Action Front (IAF). According to a DPA report:

Zaki Bani Rsheid

Hardliner Zaki Bani Rsheid was chosen Friday as secretary general of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, an official of the organization said. Bani Rsheid narrowly defeated moderate Salem Falahat in vote taken by the Brotherhood’s Consultative Council, the official told the German Press Agency dpa on condition of anonymity. The choice, which caught political observers by surprise, is expected to put the country’s Islamists once again on a collision course with the government, political sources said. Bani Rsheid was forced to step down as IAF secretary general in May 2009 when he was replaced by the moderate academic Ishaq Farhan in a bid to mend fences with the government, the sources added. The Consultative Council also agreed to “sever administrative links” with the Palestinian radical group Hamas, currently in control of the Gaza Strip, the Brotherhood official said. However, he denied reports the choice of Bani Rsheid was “a compromise” to please “hawks” in return for agreeing to end the controversial affiliation with Hamas that threatened to undermine the Brotherhood’s unity. The Muslim Brotherhood is Jordan’s key opposition political gathering.

The IAF is the political action arm of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. A previous post reported on Mr. Rsheid’s earlier resignation.

May 092010


According to the FDA, you don’t have a right to bodily and physical health by deciding what you want to eat or don’t want to eat.

The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) has achieved a tremendous coup in their suit against the FDA regarding the FDA’s abuses over transport of privately owned fresh (unpasteurized) milk. In a brief the FDA filed requesting that the case against them be dismissed for lack of standing, the FDA has shown that they truly think we cannot decide what we want to eat or drink without their permission. It’s amazing. One would think that we could not have possibly lived prior to the formation of the FDA just over one hundred years ago.

The legal brief by the FDA actually has the audacity to proclaim in the table of contents such things as:

There is No Right to Consume or Feed Children Any Particular Food (pg25)

There is No Generalized Right to Bodily and Physical Health. (pg26)

There is No Fundamental Right to Freedom of Contract (pg 27)

FDA’s Regulations Rationally Advance The Agency’s Public Health Mission (pg27)

JUST read the details

May 092010

Jihad Watch

Another chapter in the jihad against Vitamin D, and an update on this story. “Belgium analyses video threat over Muslim veil ban,” by Antonia Van de Velde for Reuters, May 6:

(Reuters) – Belgian authorities are analysing a video containing threats to attack the country and other European states if they enforce a ban on full face veils, government officials said on Thursday.

Belgium’s lower house of parliament approved a bill last week that would enforce such a ban but it is unlikely to become law soon because the government has collapsed and parliament is due to be dissolved. France is also considering a ban.

A text written in English on a video posted on the Internet says: “If you ban the burqa, hijab or niqab (veils) … then you will see (a) very dangerous situation in your countries.”

It shows veiled women, some armed with guns, armed men and children carrying weapons and ammunition. They did not identify themselves.

Wearing the burqa, hijab or niqab is every Muslim woman’s right and governments will pay for their decision to ban the veil, the text of the video says.

A spokesman for the government’s crisis centre, which handles security threats, said it had informed Belgium’s anti-terrorism body of the potential threat.

“They are carrying out an analysis and could then decide to take measures,” the spokesman said.

France, home to Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, is planning to debate a draft law from mid-May and ban all face veils in public within months.

Full face veils are extremely rare in Europe, but the number of women wearing them is rising. No exact figures exist but estimates put the totals at about 2,000 in France and a few hundred in Belgium.

May 092010

Jihad Watch

We’re often told that poverty causes jihadist terrorism — a claim for which numerous counterexamples are readily available. But much less attention is paid to how jihad and the strictures of Sharia help to perpetuate poverty, illness, misery, and underdevelopment, as in this case. “Doctors Without Borders Clinic Attacked in Somalia,” from VOA News, May 6:

Officials with the aid group Doctors Without Borders say they do not know why Islamist insurgents attacked one of the group’s clinics near the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The attack Wednesday forced the clinic to shut down.

There is growing concern for thousands of internally displaced people who relied on the clinic for free medical care.

The aid group Doctors Without Borders says it is still investigating the attack on its Hawa Abdi clinic, located about 20 kilometers south of Mogadishu, on a road that connects the capital to the town of Afgoye. Officials with the group, known by its French acronym MSF, declined to speculate on a motive for the attack.

Perhaps they figure the ill, the crippled, and the dead are less inclined to engage in haram behavior, or to resist the imposition of Sharia.

Witnesses say heavily-armed Hizbul Islam insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades at the clinic before storming it. The attack sparked a firefight between the insurgents and security guards at the clinic, killing one guard and wounding others.

JUST read on

May 092010

Hat Tip *Green Eyes*

The U. S. Department of Education is requiring that ethnic and racial information for all students and staff be reported in a new way in order to more accurately reflect the nation’s diversity. In the past, forms for reporting race and ethnicity to the federal government allowed individuals to be identified in only one racial category. The new form allows individuals to self-identify their ethnicity and race and to select more than one race and/or ethnicity. This change allows individuals to more accurately reflect their racial and ethnic background by not limiting them to only one racial or ethnic category. The new system eliminates double reporting of students identifying with multiple races.

Educational agencies, including public school systems, are required to report racial and ethnic data to the Department using the new categories starting with the 2010-2011 school year.

CCPS Implementation Process

* The Cecil County Public School System will begin collecting data in compliance with the new federal guidelines in March 2009.
* Because the race and ethnic codes have changed significantly, information on all staff and students must be collected, even if it has been provided in the past.
* Parents will complete a brief form to identify their children’s ethnic and racial identity, which will be distributed to all families of newly enrolled students AND all current students.
* Staff members will complete the same form to self-identify
* The Maryland State Department of Education is requiring that race codes be recorded as they have been in the past AND in the new format for the 2009-2010 school year in order to allow for cross checking and validation of the new collection method.
* For the 2010-2011 school year, ONLY the new collection method will be used.

JUST read the PDF’s

May 092010

OMG This is JUST so inciteful, hateful and something we would NEVER get away with!!! Get this to your Reps, neWs sources, friends, family!!! ~ From this Joker…”OUR ENEMY IS CAPITALISM” HE TAUTS “PROFESSIONAL REVOLUTION!

May 08, 2010 — “Where we now stand is stolen, occupied Mexico”…La Raza rally at UCLA….More gems: ‘Communist Revolution’, ‘Frail, racist white people’, ‘La Raza’ (the Race), Fidel Castro, ‘Northern Front of Latin Revolution’…”40 million…revolutionaries…in the belly of the beast”. “Our enemy is Capitalism and Imperialism”. Sedition anyone?

Sanchee H.S. history teacher Ron Gochez, La Raza Rally at UCLA

We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. Its about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza. We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.

Ron Gochez is NOT a professor at UCLA. Gochez is currently a HISTORY teacher (yikes) at Santee H.S. in Los Angeles.

Here is his H.S.:

Phone: (213) 763-1000
Los Angeles Unified School District
Tel: 213-241-7000
Los Angeles Board of Education:
Tel: 213-241-6389