May 052010

Dr. Richard M. Swier, Ed. D., LTC, US Army (Ret.)

It started with a young mother named Aya reading her son’s high school history textbook and has spread to Gov. Crist’s desk in Tallahassee.
There is a growing movement that began in Sarasota and is now spreading throughout the state of Florida and beyond. I recently met Aya, who was concerned about the Florida Edition of the McDougal Littel high school textbook World History: Patterns of Interaction. This textbook is on both the Florida Department of Education and Sarasota County School Board approved list of references. This textbook was one of 28 reviewed by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research. The Institute produced a comprehensive study in 2009 titled The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion. An Executive Summary of the report may be read by clicking here.
The study found:
“Textbooks around the world [including World History: Patterns of Interaction] are blatantly used as tools for propaganda. It is shocking to discover that history and geography textbooks widely used in America’s elementary and secondary classrooms contain some of the very same inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism, and the Middle East as those in Iran.”

JUST MIS Educating our children

May 052010

Little did Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) know that he hit the jackpot when he described Goldman Sach’s fiduciary breach at the April 27th Senate hearing as “to bet against your clients, to bet against your country, all for the sake of big profits.”

This kind of security fraud (weak disclosure, transparency and national security risk) is being committed by a laundry list of investment firms who have been “quietly building infrastructure for the past 5 – 14 years in order to become the money manager of choice for Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.”

“Money from Islamic finance is funding Hamas, who are killing Israelis and this same money is funding the Taliban, who are killing our young American men and women soldiers. We all know that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and the Emirates are supplying this money, but have you ever wondered how the money actually goes from place to place, helping dozens of Islamic extremist groups around the world? The banking system. First the Middle East, then the European, now the American banking system right down on Wall Street. “

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May 052010

Johnny RightWinger's

May 052010

NumbersUSA — May 05, 2010 — Currently high levels of legal immigration combined with illegal immigration are proving to be a detriment to the 25 Million Americans who can’t find full-time work. In light of Arizona’s passage of SB1070, this ad demonstrates that negative impact.

May 052010

New Real

JP’s lil tidbit, when Kerr was a Bull he was my favorite player. I was out in the streets every time the Bulls won a championship, acting like a fool

The NBA Players Association has also came out in support of the Suns:

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May 052010

The dangers facing Americans from passage of the H.R. 3017, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Since the Roll Call piece ran, LGBT activists have been in a tailspin, and dozens of Members of Congress are sweating it out on the Hill. The liberals and LGBT activists are clearly running scared now. But, we haven’t won, yet.

Please contact your Member of Congress and demand they vote no on ENDA.

Thanks to your support, we now have a real chance to defeat this terrible assault on religious liberty. I’ll keep you informed of new developments in our fight against ENDA.

Lafferty: Employment Bill Threatens Easy House Schedule

NOTE when I was doing a search on Congress Sweating it out I came across something interesting…it’s not the first time this title for a story was used

United Nations Needed Now…Was wrong NOW, was wrong then !!! ~ published in The Victoria Advocate - Nov 30, 1945

May 052010


WASHINGTON–Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has decided to reregulate Internet lines to protect net neutrality, siding with consumer groups and Internet companies worried that Internet providers have too much power.

On Wednesday, Mr. Genachowski’s staff began briefing the FCC’s commissioners on how they will propose to regulate Internet lines under rules that were written for traditional phone networks. Some of those rules won’t be applied to Internet networks, FCC officials say, but others will be used to enforce net neutrality, or regulations that require Internet providers to treat traffic equally and not slow or block websites.

Phone and cable companies opposed the FCC reclassifying regulation of Internet lines under Title 2 of the Communications Act, which was written for traditional phone networks and includes provisions such as rate regulations.

Internet providers fear the agency could try to impose rate controls or require them to share their networks with rivals and warned the decision could prompt them to stop investing in new Internet lines. FCC officials say Mr. Genachowski’s proposal won’t suggest that and that the agency will propose only applying some parts of Title 2 rules to Internet lines.

A FCC spokeswoman didn’t return calls or emails for comment.

Write to Amy Schatz at

May 052010

EU Times

Korean poster depicting US being crushed by North Korea

Russian Defense Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin this evening are warning that that the United States has ordered 3 of its aircraft carrier battle groups belonging to its Northern Pacific Third Fleet Naval forces to “COCKED PISTOL” alert status over growing war fears originating on the Korean Peninsula.

The “COCKED PISTOL” alert status used by the US Defense Department, these reports state, is the “exercise” term that coincides with the Americans Defense Condition (DEFCON) 1 which puts their forces on “maximum readiness” and is reserved for an imminent or ongoing attack on US armed forces or US territory by a foreign military power.

Raising the fears of the Americans, these reports continue, was South Korean President Lee Myung-bak calling for an emergency meeting of all of his military commanders, and which we can read as confirmed by South Korea’s JoongAng Daily News Service:

“For the first time in the 62-year history of Korea’s military, a president will chair an emergency meeting of top commanders to discuss the national security crisis prompted by the sinking of the Navy warship Cheonan near the inter-Korean border.

About 150 commanders from the Army, Navy and Air Force will attend the meeting with President Lee Myung-bak tomorrow, according to Blue House spokesman Park Sun-kyoo.”

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US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

May 052010

Jihad Watch

Last week, somewhere out West

Last Friday I had the pleasure and honor of giving an all-morning seminar to a select group of U.S. intelligence officers at an undisclosed location somewhere on the West Coast.

Among the people to whom I was speaking were heroes who have been under fire from Islamic jihadis and have fought them all over — but so unused is anyone to the idea of going on the offensive against the Islamic supremacists that when I told them about our SIOA Freedom Bus Ads, there was a collective gasp.

Not a gasp of fear or cowardice, but just of surprise that we actually pulled it off — with our heads intact.

About Robert Spencer

ROBERT SPENCER is the director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (both Regnery). He is coauthor, with Pamela Geller, of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America (to be published July 2010 by Threshold Editions/Simon & Schuster).

Spencer is a weekly columnist for Human Events and FrontPage Magazine, and has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. intelligence community.

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May 052010

American Spectator

Ford Ranger at 15th PIHABF

“Ford has a better idea” was the auto company’s ad slogan in the late-1960s.

My father felt this way long before that. He bought our family’s first car, a 1951 Ford which lasted forever, or at least until he acquired a third-generation, Country Squire full-size station wagon, a “woody” big enough for eight passengers, and powerful enough to haul my mother, me, and my four siblings to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York from St. Louis. Even loaded down with kids, luggage, coolers, etc., that thing could really haul, well, cargo. Gas was pretty cheap back then.

The iconic American auto manufacturer has seen many ups and downs in the intervening years, but it has now become its own better idea. Last week Ford Motor Company reported its fourth profitable quarter in a row, a big turnaround from a loss of $1.4 billion a year ago. It beat expectations with a $2.1 billion profit, reflecting a rising tide for the entire auto industry as well as its own successful reinvention as America’s only truly free enterprise automobile company.

According to Matthew Dolan and Jeff Bennett, writing in the Wall Street Journal, Ford increased North American production by 30,000 vehicles during the second quarter which will yield an output of 625,000 cars and pickup trucks, a 39 percent improvement over the same period last year.

“Ford made money in each region of the world where it sells cars and trucks,” said Dolan and Bennett. The company earned 46 cents a share, beating the average analyst estimate of 31 cents as found in a survey by Thomson Reuters.

While the overall data is impressive, even more so is the quality of the products Ford is putting on the road these days. Its technologically impressive Ford Fusion is the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

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