Apr 252010

I normally don’t post 2 Levin clips in one night, but I’ve never heard him so full of doubt. I think Levin, Limbaugh, Beck, and the rest always work hard to keep our hopes up despite what’s going on in the government. There’s always hope, they say, we can still change America.

But tonight it seems the totality of all that this government has done and is doing is sinking the hopes of one of the loudest voices on radio. I’m sure he’ll come back tomorrow, or perhaps he did even after this clip, and say that he is going to fight even harder and that we can still win. And that may very well be true. We may still win this yet.

I think though, that this is one of those rare moments where even Levin finds it hard to be optimistic. And to me that’s kinda scary:

JUST listen to the podcast


  One Response to “Mark Levin: Ladies and gentlemen we are in deep deep trouble”

  1. Mark Levin, I’m an American fighting Soldier who has served his country for 25 plus years. Let me be clear in so much your rhetoric about President Obama is just that, rhetoric. George W. Bush was a bully and a racist – putting it mildly. We are hated around the world because of men like you and him. You have to be the most ignorant of ignorance that I have ever encountered in any publicly featured setting.

    As in a gesture from a Soldier in a crowded assembly during the final departure speach of the late LTG Patton, “Just Fade Away!” “Sir, Be quiet!!!

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