Apr 202010

Jihad Watch

In “Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood” at FrontPage today, Nonie Darwish exposes his closest Islamic adviser, Dalia Mogahed:

When President Obama spoke to the Muslim world in Cairo last June, a large portion of his guests were leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The speech was designed to please them more than supporting the reformist movement in Egypt and across the Muslim world.

The Obama administration has hired the first White House Muslim advisor, Dalia Mogahed, who helped with writing Obama’s speech. Mogahed is herself an Islamic ideologue who supports Islamic Sharia and denies any connection between radical Islam and terrorism. Mogahed, who was born in Egypt, has also been a firm defender of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Both of these US groups are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

JUST be on top of this one

Who is Dalia Mogahed?

Dalia Mogahed: The Islamists’ White House Pipeline


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  1. […] I’m familiar with, Dalia Mogahed – Director of Research, which is telling. April, 2010: an Islamic ideologue who supports Islamic Sharia. She is also very familiar to Steve Emerson. Sometimes described as the “most influential […]

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