Apr 302010

Any reader of this website knows we write often about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). There is ample evidence that it is not the moderate voice of American Muslims as it claims to be. In two and a half years, CAIR has responded to us only once. That’s probably out of a desire to not call more attention to information CAIR officials would prefer you not know about them.

So it was a little surprising to see a hastily assembled response to Wednesday’s story, which called CAIR out for its paranoid response to the controversy surrounding RevolutionMuslim.com’s threat to South Park producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Rather than simply condemn such intimidation outright, CAIR officials voiced concern that the threats might be some conspiratorial effort to make Muslims look bad.

The CAIR-Chicago response calls IPT Executive Director Steve Emerson a liar three times, taking issue with the story’s statement that CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab dismissed RevolutionMuslim as fraudulent. Rehab merely was citing the views of others, the CAIR response said, so our paraphrase was an outrageous misrepresentation:

“Secondly, Mr. Emerson asserts that Mr. Rehab called the group fraudulent, but fails to provide the quote backing this allegation up. In fact, that part of Rehab’s alleged quote is magically omitted from the rest of the Rehab quotation Emerson sites. Why? Because it does not exist and Mr. Emerson is once again a flat out liar who thinks you are stupid. He paraphrases things, rather than quotes them, when he wishes to massage the truth or lie to you.”

It’s true, Rehab never says “I think they are a fraud.” Our reference paraphrased his message. “Most suspect the group is fraudulent,” he wrote. Most what? It’s a wholly unsubstantiated claim, unless he means most CAIR officials. As our story Wednesday noted, national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper issued the same spin in a Los Angeles Times report:

“In fact, most Muslims suspect they were set up only to make Muslims look bad,” Hooper said. “We just have very deep suspicions. They say such outrageous, irresponsible things that it almost seems like they’re doing it to smear Islam.”

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Apr 302010

Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Shawn D. Graham, DOD We Salute You !

Wherever U.S. forces are deployed across Afghanistan
— whether conducting combat operations alongside coalition forces in the east and south or security and stability operations in the west and north — they do so from forward operating bases.

Army Capt. Richard Roberts’ team of senior noncommissioned officers from Camp Blackhorse is training and mentoring the Afghan National Army’s 4th Kandak, 3rd Brigade, in the construction of Forward Operating Base Spike, located near the Naghlu Reservoir in lower Kapisa province.

“Our job is to train and advise the Afghan National Army in all aspects of FOB building,” explained Roberts, who is the embedded training team officer in charge. “Our job is to train the leaders and NCOs so that they understand how to build and defend forward operating bases themselves.”

Roberts and his team have lived on a combat outpost with a platoon of Afghan soldiers for almost two months. “The ETTs were the only U.S. presence on our makeshift compound,” he said.

The team members are an eclectic mix of Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers. In civilian life, they are teachers, self-employed business owners and full-time students.

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Apr 302010

NEFA Foundation


In this series of short reports titled “Connecting the Dots,” NEFA analysts touch on a wide range of subjects concerning various aspects of terrorism. When vital information is treated as historical, it can lose its impact relating to current events. Reflection and re-evaluation of documents, articles, and interviews can be a very valuable tool in terms of identifying patterns, recognizing relationships, and connecting circumstances.

Operation Gibraltar

In the first months of 2002, an international intelligence operation, “Operation Gibraltar,” was initiated to uncover an al Qaeda plot in Morocco to attack NATO warships in Gibraltar. Intelligence services from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Morocco worked around the clock to unravel the plot.1

In early 2002, Moroccan intelligence officers flew to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to interview 17 Moroccan prisoners. While interviews were being conducted in Guantanamo, in Morocco, authorities simultaneously questioned recently arrested Al- Qaida suspects. 2 During interrogations at Guantanamo, in early March 2002, Zuhair al- Hayli, also known as al-Dub (the Bear), provided information about an attack being organized in Morocco.3 Al-Hayli was the recruiter and facilitator Al Qaeda had charged with preparing suicide bombings outside Morocco. Morocco served as a sanctuary for the network run by al-Hayli, as Morocco provided a haven where they felt secure and where they could readily find shelter.4

The information collected through the interviews was shared with Moroccan authorities, who began to focus on two heavily populated districts in the main cities of Rabat and Casablanca. Authorities narrowed their investigation to three Saudis and the Moroccans who were living in Casablanca.5 Suspects were identified and put under surveillance in three cities: Tangier, Fès, and Casablanca. In April, the police obtained a photograph and the name of a Saudi national living in Casablanca. The man, married to a Moroccan woman, was trained in Afghanistan, but integrated seamlessly. At the beginning of May, two other terrorists, also of Saudi origin, were also identified. The three had well established covers: one imported fabrics and spare parts, while another founded a small employment agency, and the third purchased land.6

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Apr 302010

President Obama today announced that Washington will set up exchange programs with business people throughout the Muslim world in order to establish better relations with the Muslim population across the globe.

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Apr 302010


Hat Tip BlackieSM

Human observation, experience and nature confirmed the need for a Constitutional Confederated Republic to maintain smaller and more numerous and individual territories to most effectively secure freedom for each body-politic. Each state served as an entity unto itself to accomplish the ends of government.

Columnist, Alan Caruba, wrote a recent article entitled, “A Whiff of Revolution,” in which he generally describes the people of the United States as being fed up and disgusted with federal politics.[1] Caruba rightly compares the actions by the federal government (particularly under Obama) to the actions by Great Britain just before the America Revolution, stating that “[i]t is the antithesis of a nation of laws, a republic.” Caruba predicts that Americans will eventually take this matter of freedom back into their own hands once again:

“If, between now and the midterm elections, the President and Congress pass the Cap-and-Trade Act and an amnesty for illegal aliens, I SUSPECT THAT SOME AMERICANS MAY NOT BE CONTENT TO SIT BY WHILE STATES AND THE COURTS WORK THEIR WAY WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION. They will sense—and rightfully so—a despotism never before associated with the presidency.” (emphasis added)

Caruba makes some valid points in his article and accurately describes a feeling of revolution prevalent throughout the country. However, I believe that a more thoughtful analysis must be attributed to what a real and successful revolution will compose.

First, I must observe what I believe to be an underlying presumption in Caruba’s prediction of a revolution by the PEOPLE THROUGHOUT (all of) THE UNITED STATES. I have to assume Caruba’s prediction of revolution takes place on a nation-wide scale (in all fifty states) because he references “Americans” in general and simply leaves out the notion of “citizens of individual States.” To me, Caruba portrays a revolution where by the union of fifty states stays intact.

Caruba seems to indicate that if Obama signs into law certain bills (i.e. amnesty, Cap-and-Trade, etc.—a sort of “crossing the line” point) then the people will instinctively or cognizantly recognize they are under despotism and will respond accordingly, even without consideration of their State government. I do not share this belief. Rather, I believe freedom’s revolution will comprise of certain regions of the country under the leadership of certain states.

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Apr 302010

Atlas Shrugs

Judge Rules “Bloggers are not Journalists”

A New Jersey court has ruled that bloggers are not journalists (now they’ve taken to ruling this)! Actually the tool of a judge is right. For the most part, journalists today act as shills for the fascist Democrat party. They cover-up, obfuscate and propagandize, that’s what they do.

Bloggers, OTOH, are doing the heavy lifting. Who breaks the stories today? Bloggers. Take Atlas, for example. I broke the explosive story of tens of thousands of dollars of Obama contributions from a Hamas controlled “refugee” camp in Gaza. Did media pursue it? Not a chance. Obama’s Anonymous Foreign Donors and Other Bizarre Illegal Activity — Atlas! Obama and Odinga? Atlas! ‘Obama’s s Organizing for America recruiting in the public schools? Atlas! Anti-semitism and vile Jew hatred on Obama’s website? Atlas! ACORN throwing out Republican voter registrations? Atlas! Not to mention the numerous revelations I broke on the Rifqa Bary story (here and here and here and here)

And that’s just off the top of my head. The corruption is so deep in all branches of the US government, it is jawdropping. If I am not a journalist, he is not a judge …..

The Garden State has a shield law for journalists, meaning the government cannot force reporters or opinion writers to reveal their sources. There is nothing more vigorously defended among journalists than the right to keep secret one’s anonymous sources in service of “the public’s right to know.” The decades-long secret identity of “Deep Throat” in The Washington Post’s Watergate exposés is the standard of that journalistic principle. (And there is going to be reason to snicker at that example later. Be patient.)

But a New Jersey state appellate court last weekruled that a woman named Shellee Hale is not a“real” journalist, but just a blogger, so is not protected by the state’s shield law.

Apr 302010

Obama promised Latino groups that he would take up in his first year in office. But several hard realities — a tanked economy, a crowded agenda, election-year politics and lack of political will — led to so much foot-dragging in Congress that, ultimately, Obama decided to set the issue aside.

With that move, the president calculated that an immigration bill would not prove as costly to his party two years from now, when he seeks re-election, than it would today, even though some immigration reformers warned that a delay could so discourage Democratic-leaning Latino voters that they would stay home from the polls in November.

Some Democrats thought pushing a bill through now might help their party, or at least their own re-election prospects.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose campaign is struggling in heavily Hispanic Nevada, unveiled an outline — not legislation — on Thursday for an immigration bill at a packed news conference. Asked when it might advance, he declined to set an “arbitrary deadline.”

If immigration goes nowhere this year, Democrats can blame Republican resistance, though in reality many Democrats didn’t want to deal with an immigration bill this year either.

The Democrats’ draft proposal, obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, called for, among other things, meeting border security benchmarks before anyone in the country illegally can become a legal permanent U.S. resident.

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Apr 302010

Here we go again…remember the horror of before…

In what has become a May Day tradition the past four years, thousands of demonstrators are expected to march for federal immigration reforms Saturday through downtown Chicago — energized this time by anger over a new Arizona law that directs local police to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of legal residency.

The demonstration is set to begin with a 1 p.m. rally at Union Park. At 3 p.m., demonstrators will travel east on Washington Boulevard toward the Daley Center, with activities ending at about 5 p.m., the Chicago Police Department said.

Meanwhile, three other immigration marches are scheduled to be held Saturday afternoon in the suburban communities of Arlington Heights, Aurora and Naperville.

While the demonstrations are sure to clog up afternoon traffic, organizers emphasized today that they’re working with police to keep the demonstrations problem-free.

“We have a lot of families with children coming and we don’t want any incidents,” said Artemio Arreola, one of the principal organizers.

That may not be the case thousands of miles away in Washington. There, about 30 people — including U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and several activists traveling from Chicago — plan to get arrested in front of the White House by illegally blocking a sidewalk thoroughfare.

That action is part of a new strategy for civil disobedience spreading among immigration activists angry about the Arizona law and a lack of action in Washington on immigration reforms. The strategy included the arrest of 24 protesters earlier this week in suburban Broadview after they sat down in front of a government bus transporting illegal immigrants from a federal detention center.

Apr 302010


President Barack Obama’s aggressive outreach to the Muslim American community is reducing its sense of isolation, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world told a conference in Washington Wednesday evening.

“We’ve really started to knock down that sense of otherization,” said Rashad Hussain, a White House lawyer who also serves as liaison to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Hussain defined the rather esoteric term “otherization” as a sense that many Muslims had during the Bush years that their value or danger to society was viewed solely through the prism of terrorism.

“Muslims … sometimes feel like they don’t have as much of a stake or a role in the future of the country,” Hussain told the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy conference. “That’s something that all of the engagement that the United States has done on these issues both internationally and domestically has helped to counter.”

Hussain was the keynote speaker at the session, which marked one year since Obama’s historic speech in Cairo last April, where he attempted to reset America’s relationship with Muslims around the globe.

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Apr 302010


Zogby Interactive Survey finds over 70% of Americans disagree with the Comedy Central’s decision to censor parts of a South Park episode deemed offensive to some Muslims

UTICA, New York – About seven in ten Americans (71%) disagree with the recent Comedy Central decision to censor part of a South Park episode deemed offensive to some Muslims, a new Zogby survey finds. The decision followed a warning by the radical organization “Revolution Muslim” that the series’ creators could be murdered because of their depiction of Muhammad.

Unlike many other issues, opposition to Comedy Central’s decision is a bipartisan one. Clear majorities of those affiliated with both parties as well as unaffiliated adults disagree with the decision.

Generally speaking, do you agree or disagree with Comedy Central’s decision to censor parts of a South Park episode deemed offensive to some Muslims?

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