Apr 282010

Mike Lee for US Senate

GLENN: So I talked to a guy named Mike Lee from Utah last week. He is running for Bob Bennett’s seat in Utah, which… (applause)

PAT: God bless you, Mike.

GLENN: I may vote for a mouse over Bob Bennett.

PAT: Oh, man.

GLENN: But so he’s running for Bob Bennett’s seat and I was going over the news today and I saw that

PAT: It’s not Bob Bennett’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.

GLENN: The people’s seat, yes. So anyway, I saw that illegals now in Arizona are saying, that’s fine, we’ll just leave Arizona and we’ll go to Utah. Mike Lee is now in Utah. Mike, welcome to the program.

LEE: Thank you, Glenn. It’s good to be with you.

GLENN: When I talked to you last week, we talked about the Constitution and I wanted to know what you knew about the Constitution, and you told me what?

LEE: I told you, well, it’s the law of the land and it’s what protects our liberty by setting limits on federal power and that national governments become abusive of power whenever their power is unlimited. That’s why it’s important to recognize those limits. If those limits disappear when members of congress stop reading it and instead point across the street to the Supreme Court and say, “They said we could get away with it, they said we could regulate just about anything we want.”

GLENN: You said, and I really liked this line, you said to me that just because they said so doesn’t mean it’s so. Explain.

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Apr 282010

GLENN: The immigration battle in Arizona has been compared to Nazi Germany.

PAT: Mmm hmmm.

GLENN: I… I thought it was bad to compare things to Nazi Germany.

PAT: No. No, no. Not, not if you’re on the left. Then it’s good.

GLENN: No, the left said that you shouldn’t use Hitler references and swastikas and compare things to Nazi Germany.

PAT: Right. They mean that for people on the right, for conservatives. They can’t do it.

GLENN: Who can’t do it? They can’t do it?

PAT: The right can’t do it.

GLENN: The right can’t do it?

PAT: But it’s a good thing that the left does it.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: That makes sense.

GLENN: But it doesn’t but wait a minute. I thought it was dangerous. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say, “And they’re using swastikas and stuff, and that’s bad.” Wasn’t she

PAT: Yes, she was, yes. But that was because

GLENN: Wasn’t everybody on the hasn’t MSNBC been running nonstop, you know

PAT: Violence and rhetoric.

GLENN: Timothy McVeigh was, you know, is being reincarnated right now?

STU: Well, yeah, but the right is not able to use Nazi references because of the extreme rightwing nature of the National Socialist party.

GLENN: Yes, but it’s a socialist, National Socialist.

STU: Rightwing. You are right, it is rightwing, right

GLENN: If you read the words of Adolf Hitler, he said that there’s not much difference between the communists and the National Socialist party.

STU: Well, the communists were also rightwing.

GLENN: No, but

STU: Yeah, anyone who kills anyone in violent ways is rightwing.

PAT: Rightwing.

GLENN: All right. Okay, then I guess we should play this Nazi reference. We’re getting so used to saying that we couldn’t use Nazi references but now that the left is using them.

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Apr 282010

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) has announced that it hosted the 1st Muslim Student Association Day ever to be held on Capitol hill. According to the announcement, students from over 15 DC-region colleges were scheduled to attend. According to a Hudson Institute report, the Muslim Student Association was the earliest known public front organization of what would later become the US Muslim Brotherhood and many USMB leaders were active in the early days of MSA. The MSA is now a “constituent organization” of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), itself a major part of the USMB. Previous posts have discussed important individuals close to the USMB who have emerged from an MSA background such as Mazen Asbahi who then candidate Obama appointed as his campaign Muslim outreach advisor. Asbahi was a former MSA leader who resigned his position after less than two weeks on the job when the GMBDR detailed his ties to the USMB. The Investigative Project has compiled a report on the history and extremism of the MSA.

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) web site describes itself as follows:

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Apr 282010

A device in development at Duke University could one day use blood samples to rapidly measure radiation levels in victims of a radiological “dirty bomb” attack, the Associated Press reported yesterday (see GSN, Sept. 14, 2009).

Although potentially lifesaving countermeasures are available to treat radiation poisoning, no sufficiently fast method exists to spot signs of hazardous radiation exposure in individuals beyond the immediate vicinity of a dirty bomb attack, said John Chute, a blood specialist at the North Carolina institution.

Chute found genetic signs in the immune cells of cancer patients that indicate with 94 percent accuracy whether the patients had received radiation treatment. Now, the scientist is investigating possible means of determining the amounts of radiation to which patients were exposed.

A machine now in development for DNA testing in criminal investigations could speed up the analysis of blood for radiation, a process that now takes several days. In the aftermath of an attack, emergency crews could deploy numerous devices, which could each possibly test several dozen blood samples each hour.

An initial machine could be ready for rapid blood testing by 2012, Chute said, who is set to receive up to $43 million in federal funding over five years for the project (Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press/Google News, April 26).

Apr 282010

by Worth Reading

Time: May 29, 2010 from 12pm to 4pm
Location: At the Ellipse – President’s Park South
Street: 17th St & Constitution Ave, NW
City/Town: Washington, DC 20024-2000
Phone: (610) 825-3134
Event Type: march, rally
Organized By: Attorney Philip Berg

Event Description


* The United States Constitution mandates the President of the United States must be a United States “natural born” Citizen – Article II, Section I;

* Obama was born in Mombasa, in what is now Kenya, Africa;

* Obama’s legal name is Barry Soetoro;

* Obama is an Indonesian Citizen as he was adopted/acknowledged by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Citizen; and

* The Healthcare bill (ObamaCare) signed into Law by Obama on March 23, 2010 is unconstitutional and voidable since he is ineligible to serve as President of the United States.

For these reasons, Philip J. Berg, Esquire, Obamacrimes.com is sponsoring the “OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE / ELIGIBILITY / OBAMACARE” March on Washington in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 29, 2010 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 P.M.

All individuals participating are requested to bring a copy of their Birth Certificate and meet at the Ellipse – President’s Park South located at 17th St & Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, D.C.

Apr 282010

As we watch Obama govern, we don’t need to look far to find where he learned Chicago-style politics. One of his professors was Alderman Edward M. Burke, boss of the Chicago City Council.

After Alderman Fred Roti was convicted on 2 RICO, 5 bribery and 4 extortion charges, the Outfit lost much of its leverage over city business. Over time, Burke stepped into the void and centralized legislative power in his own office.

As chair of the Finance Committee, Burke gained control over the purse strings, and the City of Chicago carries a big purse. The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

When city workers get hurt on the job, they usually turn to a handful of lawyers tied to City Hall. And the city often fights back by hiring lawyers with ties to Ald. Edward M. Burke, chairman of the City Council Finance Committee, which has sole authority to settle workers compensation claims against the city. Injured city workers most often turn to Frederic Krol Sr., who went to prison for five months in the 1960s for bribing a federal prosecutor and temporarily surrendered his law license. The city has paid more than $65 million to settle 3,750 workers comp cases Krol has filed since 1980, records show.

Burke had familial influence over the restructuring of Chicago’s judicial system in the wake of Operation Gambat. Here’s how.

Anton Valukas was U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois when Robert Cooley wore a wire in Operation Gambat. After serving as U.S. Attorney from 1985-1989, Valukas returned to practice law at Jenner and Block. In the wake of the Operation Gambat trials, a special commission was tasked to study how judicial practices in Illinois could be reformed. Illinois Issues reported:

Appointed to chair the study, due December 31, 1993, was Jerold S. Solovy, senior partner in Chicago’s Jenner & Block law firm. Solovy headed a similar commission that studied Cook County courts from 1984 to 1988 in the aftermath of the federal Operation Greylord of the early 1980s…The new Solovy commission has the authority of the state’s highest court behind it and will take in the entire state judicial system.

One of the attorneys appointed to the Solovy commission was Alderman Burke’s wife, Anne.

Ed Burke is now in charge of slating the Democrat Party judges for elections in Cook County.

JUST read this fascinating & insightful series into how the “Machine” works

Parts I & II

Apr 282010

As we watch Obama’s Chicago-style politics in action, it’s time to answer the question the old media, both in and outside Chicago, ignores to this day. Who were the key people in the Chicago Machine who helped advance Obama to the White House? One, Alderman Edward M. Burke, was an early supporter of Barack.

In the mid-1980’s, Chicago Outfit Lawyer Robert Cooley voluntarily went undercover for the FBI as part of an investigation called Operation Gambat. Cooley wore a wire on, among others, Burke’s good friend and made-man, Alderman Fred Roti. The Chief Judge of Cook County’s Chancery Court and an Assistant Senate Majority Leader of the Illinois State Senate were also targeted. Cooley’s work eventually led to the only judge in U.S. history being convicted of fixing a murder trial. More on that Judge in Part 3.

In 2004, Cooley wrote a book wherein he accused Alderman Burke of fixing a murder trial for the Chicago Outfit. Cooley claims Burke pressured Cook County Judge Arthur Cieslik to acquit the defendant as a favor to the Outfit. The case before Judge Cieslik concerned the beating death of an African-American by a Chicago Police officer who was related to a Chicago Outfit Capo named Angelo “The Hook” LaPiertra. (Angelo liked to hang bodies on hooks.) Cooley’s book quotes Burke saying this about the case:

JUST be warned Ed Burke has a potty mouth…How does a dem politican get away with the “N” word…only in Chgo.!

JUST also read part I

Apr 282010

Big Government

Since when are private businesses forced to hire people they don’t want to? What if people stood outside your house with huge sign saying, “Shame On” you for not buy our product or using our services? Especially if their product or service costs more and would be poor in quality.

The SEIU and other unions across California run a campaign called “Shame On” ‘Insert Business Name Here’. They stand outside businesses trying to make them look bad for not using union workers. This kind of tactic cannot go on any longer! PRIVATE business should be able to choose who they hire and not be forced to do anything that could possibly damage their business. It is time for people to start fighting against these tactics and exposing these people for what they really are.

On April 14th I confronted the local “carpenters union” outside The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, CA with their sign saying “Shame On The Padre Hotel” and “labor dispute”. They are upset that The Padre Hotel chose to use private contractors instead of union workers for new advancements to the hotel. These people that stand outside of businesses claim they are volunteers but are actually paid somewhere close to minimum wage, have little to no knowledge about the dispute, and have never actually worked for the business they are picketing.

April 16, 2010 — “Volunteer” Union members protest The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, CA because of not using union workers. The Unions claim that they use “Volunteers” for these types of protests but that is not what they said themselves.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBqZzq…

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz34jL…

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJU0a6…

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OnVro…


In part one I got them to admit they get paid to stand with the sign and not answer questions. When asked who they had voted for in the 2008 election they were proud to say that they voted for Barack Obama. Towards the end of the video I was getting taught how unions work, more to come.

Apr 282010

Todd Stroger

I’d give you the story & the link, but you have to understand Chicago politics, it has been removed!

Let’s see if this is true throughout the evening…

Temporarily Down For Maintenance.
We are performing scheduled maintenance. We should be back online shortly.
UPDATE: They are!

Chicago – One of Todd Stroger’s top-ranking Cook County employees received a county contract for her private business just days after being hired, a FOX Chicago News investigation has found.

In February, Stroger appointed Carla Oglesby to be his deputy chief of staff. Ten days later, Oglesby’s company CGC Communications, received a check from the county for $24,975. The contract was just $25 under the mandatory reporting requirement to the County Board.

“I think at this point we’re having a going out of business sale and everything must go and we’re pulling in all of Todd’s friends and family and giving them jobs and contracts,” said Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider.

“Anything over $25,000 would have to endure the scrutiny of the board,” Schneider said. “We’ve seen too many times that these contracts fly right under the radar of the $25,000 threshhold and this is happening time and time again.”

We spent the day trying to get a comment from Oglesby, but she was unavailable.

On Wednesday, the County issued a statement saying: “Prior to Ms. Oglesby’s employment in the Office of the President… (she) formally disassociated herself from any active or managerial role (in the company).”

However, when we went by CGC Communications, an employee told us she still works there.

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Apr 282010

As San Francisco and other “sanctuary cities” declare war on Arizona over its new law cracking down on illegal immigrants, most state and local governments that provide a safe haven to undocumented workers refused to publicly roll out a welcome mat for the estimated 440,000 illegals in the Grand Canyon (MY hometown of Chicago being a large sanctuary city thanks to Guitterez & Daley, Gutty will be causing much grief, he’s already started)

Day laborer, faith, immigrant and civil rights advocates hold a news conference at St. Francis Church in Portland, Ore., Tuesday, April 27, 2010, to join a national day of action against Arizona's tough new immigration law. (AP)

They may call themselves “sanctuary cities,” but very few of them are offering sanctuary to the illegal immigrants in Arizona who now face possible arrest and deportation.

As San Francisco and other “sanctuary cities” declare war on Arizona over its new law cracking down on illegal immigrants, most state and local governments that provide a safe haven to undocumented workers refused to publicly roll out a welcome mat for the estimated 440,000 illegals in the Grand Canyon state.

Several mid-size cities and states with policies that seek to protect undocumented workers either declined to comment to FoxNews.com on whether it would accept Arizona’s illegal immigrants or said the possibility had not been considered.

“We don’t have any actions planned,” said Jillian Schoene, a spokeswoman for Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski. “If I have a chance to take this up with the governor, I’ll call you back.”

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