Apr 272010

FBI Alert

Syed Hashmi, aka “Fahad,” pleaded guilty today in Manhattan federal court to conspiracy to provide material support to al Qaeda, announced Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Hashmi, 30, was arrested on June 6, 2006 at Heathrow Airport in London, shortly before he was to board a flight to Pakistan. He was later extradited to the United States; Hashmi is the first individual to be extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States on terrorism charges.

According to the superseding indictment filed in Manhattan, New York federal court and statements made during the guilty plea proceeding:

From January 2004 through May 2006, Hashmi provided material support or resources to al Qaeda by helping to provide equipment to others who then transported the equipment to al Qaeda associates in South Waziristan, Pakistan. Hashmi provided the equipment with knowledge that it would be used by al Qaeda to fight against U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Hashmi also provided money to a co-conspirator who planned to transport the equipment to al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Hashmi pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, namely al Qaeda, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. Hashmi is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Chief Judge Loretta A. Preska on June 7, 2010.

U.S. Attorney Bharara praised the investigative work of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which principally consists of special agents and detectives of the FBI and the New York City Police Department. Bharara thanked the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Security Division and Office of International Affairs. Bharara also expressed his gratitude to the British authorities and law enforcement community, including New Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service, for their cooperation in the investigation.

U.S. Attorney Bharara said: “This afternoon, Syed Hashmi admitted that he knowingly provided material support to al Qaeda. Having admitted his guilt, he will now face justice for giving aid to terrorists he knew full-well were dedicated to harming Americans.”

This case is being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Brendan R. McGuire and John M. Hillebrecht are in charge of the prosecution.

Apr 272010

NOTE: I will not embed this here, THAT is how vile it is !!! I have provided two links

Video: Vicious hate from the Left

Wow, this is something else. Freedomworks has compiled some of the hateful emails and voicemail they’ve received over this whole Geico incident which I dare say rivals that of what any congressman (or woman) got from so called tea party members. I’m sure the MSM will pick this up pronto!

FreedomWorksAction — April 26, 2010 — In light of recent accusations, we’re taking the opportunity to set the record straight. For a side so concerned with Tea Party hate speech, they sure seem full of rage.

CONTENT WARNING DISCLAIMER: Full of harsh language (Very Foul language ) and violent rhetoric. Emails and voicemails are only edited to remove names and phone numbers.


Stop the Haters: FreedomWorks responds

Apr 272010

Civil rights and immigrant-advocacy groups teamed up Tuesday to condemn the recently passed Arizona immigration legislation as racist, as they filed a lawsuit seeking more information about a separate federal immigration program.

Civil rights and immigrant-advocacy groups teamed up Tuesday to condemn the recently passed Arizona immigration legislation as racist, as they filed a lawsuit seeking more information about a separate federal immigration program.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network, The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law filed the Freedom of Information Act suit in New York federal court. The groups said they were seeking records about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s “Secure Communities” program — which was set up in 2007 to help local law enforcement and federal authorities coordinate to identify and deport illegal immigrant criminals in the United States.

The groups say the passage last week of the Arizona bill combined with the expansion of the Secure Communities program, which is already operational in 20 states, is cause for alarm.

“At a time when police and ICE partnerships have clearly failed, ICE is moving swiftly to implement the Secure Communities program in every jail by 2013,” said Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer Sunia Patel.

Meanwhile, the groups decried the Arizona law, which has generated widespread criticism despite being supported by a majority of Arizona lawmakers and Arizona residents, according to a recent poll. The law makes illegal immigration a state crime and allows local law enforcement to question people about their immigration status and arrest them if they can’t provide proper documentation.

JUST flip side of the coin…what if…

Apr 272010


On Tuesday’s Rick List, CNN’s Rick Sanchez unquestioningly forwarded Islamic advocacy group CAIR’s admitted speculation about a Virginia license plate containing a supposed coded message of white supremacy/neo-Naziism, which they found on a pickup truck that also had an anti-Islamic message on it. The group thus tied by implication opposition to the Mohammedan faith to racism .

Sanchez devoted a brief to the controversy over the Virginia license plate 18 minutes into the 4 pm Eastern hour. Earlier in the hour, the CNN anchor gave a teaser on the issue, summarizing CAIR’s take as their publicist might: “Take a look at this: what’s wrong with that license plate? Opponents say it has a message of nothing but bigotry and hate. I will take you through it. There’s more there than meets the eye.” He showed a picture of the pickup truck in question, which had a large Confederate flag on the back window of the cab and the message “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11″ on the tailgate.

During the brief itself, Sanchez gave further details on the controversy:

JUST shaking head ~ Watch Video

Apr 272010


Obama also offered fresh, stern criticism of a new Arizona law that allows police to question anyone about their immigration status if they have reason to suspect they are in the country illegally

OTTUMWA, Iowa — President Barack Obama on Tuesday warned of harassment against Hispanics under Arizona’s tough new immigration law, saying such “poorly conceived” measures can be halted if the federal government fixes America’s broken immigration system for good.

Obama pledged to bring his own party along, pleading with Republicans to join in as the only realistic hope to solve a politically volatile problem.

He offered a fresh, stern criticism of a new Arizona law that allows police to question anyone about their immigration status if they have reason to suspect they are in the country illegally. He said it targets people who look they like might be illegal immigrants.

“Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed — that’s something that could potentially happen,” Obama said of the Arizona measure. “That’s not the right way to go.”

The Mexican government warned its citizens Tuesday to use extreme caution if visiting Arizona because of the tough new law.

Just awww poor baby…

Apr 272010

~Washington Times

Black Panthers intimidating Voters in Philly

In its first public comments about a controversial voter-intimidation case, the New Black Panther Party said it did not break any laws and praised a decision by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s Justice Department to dismiss a civil complaint in the matter.

A written statement by the party, issued Friday during a hearing of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, conceded that one member — Minister King Samir Shabazz — should not have brought a nightstick to a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day in November 2008, but described it as “an honest error.”

“What these Republican witch hunters repeatedly fail to mention is that the individual member involved in the nightstick incident was in fact legally penalized, and prohibited by law by Eric Holders Justice Department from polling places through 2012,” said the statement from Minister Hashim Nzinga, chief of staff to party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz.

Read on if you can stomach it…

NOTE: I grew up in Chicago so a lot of the news on the Panthers was not national, except for the California branch. I remember when the police raided the house the black panthers were in & the CON-troversy of the deaths & Bobby Rush

From left: Bobby Rush, Black Panther, in 1969; William Ayers the fugitive in 1970; Bernardine Dohrn's mug shot in 1969

Radical Rehab ~ Chicago offers second chances for long-ago rebels (Gives you an idea on the spin)

BOBBY L. RUSH (Congressman)
Then: Cofounder and deputy defense minister of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, which clashed repeatedly with Chicago police. Two Panther leaders were shot to death by police in a 1969 raid.
Now: U.S. congressman for 15 years in Illinois’s First District

Then: Member of the Weatherman (later known as Weather Underground), a militant anti–Vietnam War organization labeled a “domestic terrorist group” by the FBI. The Weatherman bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, and other government buildings, and in October 1969 staged the “Days of Rage” protest in Chicago. Federal riot and bombing conspiracy charges against Ayers were dropped in 1974 because of illegal wiretaps and other prosecutorial misconduct.
Now: Professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of 15 books

Then: Member of Weatherman and Revolutionary Youth Movement, a radical wing of Students for a Democratic Society. She pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and jumping bail in 1980, and was placed on three years’ probation. In 1982, she served seven months in jail for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury investigating an armored-car robbery in New York tied to the Weatherman.
Now: Associate professor and director of the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University

Then: Former leader of Conservative Vice Lords, one of Chicago’s most notorious and violent street gangs, and an “ex-dope dealer,” according to the Sun-Times
Now: GOP committeeman of the city’s 24th Ward from 1996 to 2008

Then: Security chief for the radical antiwar group Students for a Democratic Society
Now: President of MK Communications Inc., a clout-heavy consulting and public relations firm whose clients include the Chicago Housing Authority and several other city departments

LUIS GUTIERREZ (Congressman)
Then: As a college student, a sympathizer of the FALN, the Spanish-language acronym for Armed Forces of National Liberation, a Puerto Rican separatist group that in the 1970s and 1980s claimed responsibility for bombings in Chicago and New York
Now: U.S. congressman since 1993 in Illinois’s Fourth District

JUST read more…

Black Panthers intimidating Voters in Philly

Black Panther Party
Founding members : Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale
Influences : Black Power, Malcolm X, Robert F. Williams, Frantz Fanon, Karl Marx, Maoism, Communism

Programs Free Breakfast for Children
Panthers convicted of murder :
Angola 3, Mumia Abu-Jamal, H. Rap Brown, Warren Kimbro, Lonnie McLucas, Geronimo Pratt, George W. Sams, Jr., Assata Shakur
Panthers killed by police : Mark Clark, Fred Hampton, Bobby Hutton
Other notable members :
Ashanti Alston, Richard Aoki, Charles Barron, Elaine Brown, William Lee Brent, Stokely Carmichael, Bunchy Carter, Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Angela Davis, Aaron Dixon, Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, Billy Garland, David Hilliard, George Jackson, Jamal Joseph, Chaka Khan, Robert Hillary King, Pete O’Neal, Larry Pinkney, Malik Rahim, Nile Rodgers, Bobby Rush, Afeni Shakur, Robert Trivers, Mark Essex, Betty Van Patter, Assata Shakur
Other ~ New Black Panther Party


Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969) was an African-American activist and deputy chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP). He was killed as he lay in bed in his apartment by a tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO), in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Hampton’s death was chronicled in the 1971 documentary film The Murder of Fred Hampton, as well as an episode of the critically acclaimed documentary series Eyes on the Prize.[1]

Wiki Bio

Huey Percy Newton

Huey Percy Newton (February 17, 1942 – August 22, 1989), was co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, an African-American organization established to promote Black Power, civil rights and self-defense.

Founding of the Black Panthers

While at Merritt College, Newton had become actively involved in politics in the Bay Area. He joined the Afro-American Association, became a prominent member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Beta Tau chapter, and played a role in getting the first black history course adopted as part of the college’s curriculum. He read the works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Frantz Fanon, Malcolm X, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara. It was during his time at Merritt College[3] that Newton, along with Bobby Seale, organized the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in October 1966. After a coin toss Seale assumed the role of Chairman, while Newton became Minister of Defense.[4]
[edit] Accusation of murder

Newton was accused of murdering Oakland police officer John Frey.

Wiki Bio

Apr 272010

A handful of lawmakers are accusing General Motors of misleading the public by continuing to claim as part of its advertising blitz that the auto giant has repaid its government loans “in full.”

General Motors has been running ads on all the major networks claiming the company repaid its $6.7 billion U.S. government loan “with interest five years ahead of the original schedule.” General Motors Company CEO Ed Whitacre can be seen in the ad walking through an auto plant as he touts the company’s progress.

But lawmakers, and even the inspector general for the bailout fund GM borrowed from, point out that General Motors only repaid the bailout money by dipping into a separate pot of bailout money. They say the company did not actually use its own earnings to make the early payment and are questioning why executives are making such a big deal out of it.

“The hype is not the reality,” Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a column on FoxNews.com over the weekend. “It is far from clear how GM and the Obama administration could honestly say, much less trumpet in prime time television ads, that GM repaid its TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) loans in any meaningful way.”

Grassley wrote a letter last week to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressing his concerns and asking for more information about why the company was allowed to use bailout money to repay bailout money.

JUST Must read…

Apr 272010


On Saturday’s Good Morning America, reporter Mike Von Fremd downplayed the violence of protesters against Arizona’s new immigration law. He spun, “Riot police were called in to try and control demonstrators protesting outside the capital. Most were peaceful. A handful threw bottles at police and were arrested.” Yet, ABC derided March’s Tea Party rallies as “very ugly,” despite the fact that there were no arrests.

In contrast, on March 20, World News host David Muir scolded, “Protesters against the [health care] plan gathered on the streets of the capital where late today we learned words shouted turned very ugly, reports of racial and homophobic slurs, one protester actually spitting on a Congressman.” Continuing to fret over those opposed the bill, he complained, “Late word from Washington tonight about just how ugly the crowds gathered outside the Longworth office building have become.”

If Tea Party protesters had thrown bottles at members of Congress or police officers — or anyone else, for that matter — it seems unlikely that ABC would have described them as “mostly peaceful.”

JUST read the rest of the MSM reports

Apr 272010

With a potential political bloodbath looming in November, liberals are understandably desperate. They see it all slipping away and it shows. The grassroots groundswell of opposition to Obama’s neo-Marxist, secular-humanist agenda intensifies daily despite the left’s best efforts to silence dissent.

Commensurate with plummeting poll numbers and evaporating public trust, Democrats, media elites and the usual gaggle of left-wing pressure groups have ramped-up the unhinged “right-wing-extremist” twaddle to historically hysterical levels. For those who delight in watching the self-styled “progressive” movement implode, it’s priceless.

jennifers_clowns”How can it be?” they ask. “The stars were aligned.” With Barack Obama in the White House and his egalitarian enablers running Congress, liberals found themselves at ship’s helm on the USS Hopey-Changey, sailing unabated toward the perfect storm of Euro-socialist reform. America’s elite class would, at long last – curse these two-plus centuries of “constitutional” government – be as those erudite Europeans our homespun lefties so pitifully parrot.

Oops… something happened on the way to the Communism. Middle America, channeling Dana Carvey’s Bush-one, said: “Nope, not gonna’ do it… wouldn’t be prudent.” According to the latest Pew poll, America’s trust in today’s godless Obama-Pelosi-Reid federal government is at an all time low of 22 percent, little more than a year after Obama took office.

Plan B: Demonize Dissent

Apr 272010

NEW YORK (AP) – Regulators on Friday shut down seven banks in Illinois, putting the number of U.S. bank failures this year at 57.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over four banks in Chicago: New Century Bank (CBAO), with $485.6 million in assets; Citizens Bank (CZMO)&Trust Company, with $77.3 million in assets; Broadway Bank, with $1.2 billion in assets; and Lincoln Park Savings Bank, with $199.9 million in assets.

The FDIC also took over Amcore Bank of Rockford, which had $3.8 billion in assets; Peotone Bank and Trust Company in Peotone, with $130.2 million in assets; and Wheatland Bank of Naperville, with $437.2 million in assets.

MB Financial Bank agreed to acquire the deposits of both Broadway Bank and New Century Bank. Republic Bank of Chicago agreed to assume Citizens’ deposits, while Chicago-based Harris National Association agreed to acquire Amcore Bank’s deposits.

Northbrook Bank and Trust Company of NorthBrook agreed to acquire the deposits of Lincoln Park Savings Bank. First Midwest Bank of Itasca agreed to assume Peotone Bank and Trust’s deposits. Wheaton Bank & Trust will acquire the deposits of Wheatland Bank.

The failure of Broadway Bank is expected to cost the FDIC’s deposit insurance fund $394.3 million. For the other banks, the estimated costs are: Amcore Bank, $220.3 million; New Century Bank, $125.3 million; Citizens Bank&Trust Company, $20.9 million; Lincoln Park Savings Bank, $48.4 million; Peotone Bank and Trust Company, $31.7 million; and Wheatland Bank, $133 million.

Broadway Bank was owned by the family of Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, a Democrat who is running for President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat. The bank was heavy into real estate loans and lost $75 million last year.

There were 140 bank failures in the U.S. last year, the highest annual tally since 1992 at the height of the savings and loan crisis. They cost the insurance fund more than $30 billion. Twenty-five banks failed in 2008 and only three succumbed in 2007.

The number of bank failures likely will peak this year and will be slightly higher than in 2009, FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said recently.

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