Apr 202010

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UPDATE: Not actually an update but relevant to my notes below. I managed to track down the SLPC attack on me. JUST setting the record Straight!

Intelligence Report, Winter 2003, Issue Number: 112
At a Chicago rally, where members of the white-supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens and the neo-Nazi White Revolution appeared along with members of mainstream anti-immigration groups, protesters held signs saying, “No more free rides. No more welfare. No more stolen jobs.”

For many of the anti-immigration protesters, rallying side-by-side with neo-Nazis and Klansmen was too close for comfort. “Turns out we were smack in the middle of a damn white supremacist group!” an anti-immigration activist calling herself “JustPiper” complained on an Internet chat site after the Chicago counter-demonstration. (THIS was accurate)

But what really got under JustPiper’s skin seemed to be the Freedom Riders, not the neo-Nazis from White Revolution. “[T}hese banditos kept screaming obscenities and threats at us,” she claimed.”Lemme tellya, they were just coming with signs like cockroaches!” (THIS was a bold faced lie)
“I” said they were invading our country like cockroaches and THEY WERE, they ARE!

~ Now, if I said THAT I’d own up to that! I was not interviewed nor did I even talk to a single soul! THIS was not in chat, it was on FreeRepublic & they amended, what I said, left out words/added words.

I felt this was important enough to put in breaking news, three of us have contributed to this. On a personal level I was reamed by the SLPC & at the time it had me in tears. I took my teenage daughter to an illegal protest in downtown Chicago.

We did not know there were ‘skinheads’ not far from where we were standing. To this day I’m unsure if they ‘really’ were white supremacists after seeing the tactics of the SLPC or were they ‘invented’ by the SLPC.

Nonetheless, SLPC slammed me all over the internet as a racist & tied the group where I happened to post at to this smear on my character. Back then ( Bush years ) I was simply stating my passion on the illegal immigration issue (fighting a President “I” voted FOR ) & trying to fight amnesty. At the time if you were to put my handle in a search, it was a smear camPAIN against me.

They threatened me with reporting me to the FBI, which I find humorous considering the protest took place directly across the street from the Federal Building & Feds were ever present. To add to this we were standing directly in front of the FED Building, with cameras all around.

Of course the allegations went unproven, the lawsuit they threatened me with disappeared. BUT this is JUST ONE of the enemies we face now & this site needs to be completely aware of what they are capable of…


Obviously, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is extremism to oppose any policy coming out of Washington, and only a hater of blacks would oppose Barack Obama.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hates us. Who? According to several reports they have released over the past year, “us” is the following: One concerned over the economy; loss of jobs; foreclosures; antagonism toward the Obama Administration (that it’s racist); criticism of free trade programs like NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership; anti-abortion; oppose same-sex marriage; believe in the “end times;” stock pile food, ammunition and weapons; oppose illegal immigration; opposition to the new world order; opposition to the United Nations; opposition to global governance; fear of Communist regimes; opposition to loss of US manufacturing to overseas nations; opposition to loss of US prestige; use of the Internet (or alternative media) to express these ideas. Did this list miss anyone reading it? You are all haters and potential terrorists.

PLEASE read on…

By Chuck Baldwin

Again, this SPLC report would not even merit a mention (much less an entire column) except for the fact that the SPLC has become a source of information fuelling anti-freedom hysteria for countless bureaucrats at the DHS.

PLEASE read…

Leftist SPLC Publishes Patriot Hit List

The leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is worried that non-violent conservative opposition to big government will lead to violence, and has produced an enemies list that includes much of the freedom movement.

Please, please see the list

First Amendment to the United States Constitution
Freedom of assembly

NOTE: This is NOT JUST for SLPC & not for us!!!

I challenge them to tackle this story !!! After all all the “C” is allegedly to support “Christians” !!!

No Big Deal, Just Some People in Africa, Right?

SLPC Hate-Mongering Bait-Switching Site

Apr 202010

By Frosty Wooldridge

A personal note: Teddy Kennedy matched Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Governor Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods any day when it came to cheating, lying and skullduggery.

History will show the late Senator Teddy Kennedy authored the destruction of the United States of America with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act. That single bill, his most famous and just about the only thing he did of merit in his 40 years in Congress—created America’s decline and fall. Whereas George Washington became the “Father of our country,” Teddy Kennedy will be known as the “Father of the destruction of our country.”

Kennedy’s bill started a deluge of humanity from around the world that pours into our civilization at an astounding 1.5 million annually. That single Kennedy bill added 100 million people to the USA within 40 years. That same bill drives America to add another 100 million people within the next 25 years. If allowed to continue unabated, Kennedy’s bill will swamp our civilization with another 300 million people within sixty years.

JUST Frosty at his best

Apr 202010

Chicago Breaking News

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House GOP whip, said today Republicans are poised to make strong gains in this year’s mid-term elections but they must find ways to combat a “very cynical electorate” unhappy with Democratic control of Congress today and transgressions that cost Republicans their majority in 2006.

Cantor, who met with the Tribune’s editorial board along with west suburban GOP Rep. Peter Roskam, maintained Republicans have straightened themselves out after losing a congressional majority. But, he said, voters are primarily interested in which party will do more to improve the economy and “get people back to work.”

“We as Republicans looking toward the November election are…presenting ourselves, I would say a counterbalance, if you will, to one-party rule that seems to be unfettered in Washington,” the five-term congressman said.

But Cantor said Republicans also have learned from their mistakes.

JUST link for full article

Apr 202010


Christians are killed by the hundreds for no reason other than they are Christian. Where is the world outcry and at what point will someone we know be next?

It’s a shame that people in this country don’t believe those of us who warn about creeping Sharia and Islam. To a certain extent, it’s understandable, especially when the media just ignore not only global massacres but the obvious happening right here in our own back yard. There is enough blame to go around. I mean, we have such important things to concern ourselves with here; health care reform, unemployment, the price of gas and let’s not forget the Toyota recalls that seem to be never-ending.
Would it make the headlines if over a thousand Christians had been killed in, say, a South Carolina town for no other reason than they are simply Christian? Well, per capita, that is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. Funny how, when I do see a story on it, it is usually buried somewhere inside the paper or it’s just a small 30-second story on the television news.
The stories are horrifying, the pictures are stomach wrenching – men, women and babies, yes, babies being hacked into pieces by machetes.

JUST silence…

Apr 202010

Jihad Watch

Ignoring the jihad threat, appeasing jihadist Pakistan — all this and more is in Obama’s favor, as far as Omar Sacirbey is concerned. But he still has to do more! It’s never enough! “Obama walks the talk in new Muslim outreach,” by Omar Sacirbey for the Religion News Service, April 15 (thanks to Mackie):

Nearly a year after President Barack Obama’s historic speech in Cairo announcing that America wanted a “new beginning” with the Muslim world, evidence of that policy shift has, in recent weeks, become hard to ignore.

The Obama administration is revising national security guidelines that strip references to “Islamic radicalism” and other terms deemed inflammatory to Muslims. Officials also reversed 3-month-old guidelines that singled out passengers on flights arriving from 13 Muslim countries, and Cuba, for mandatory screening.

JUST read it & weep

Apr 202010

Big Government

The self-delusional world in which liberals wallow truly is amazing. It takes an Olympic gymnast’s level of agility to warp your logic enough to think like one of them and a recent report on the left-wing blather site Newsvine is yet one more example of the backbreaking contortions that liberals must indulge to make themselves feel better.

In this post on the presumed falling numbers of the tea party protests and an amusing subsequent praise of the coffee party effort, this left-winger calling himself “MoeZilla” desperately tried to massage the truth in order to make his losing left appear as if they are holding their own in the American political debate. The truth is, of course, that our pal Moe warped reality in multiple ways in order to make it seem as if his side is winning — or at least is treading water — while the tea party is losing.

He began his “report” saying that organizers for a tea party protest in Stockton, California were “hoping for 1,000 people to join the protest,” but only about 250 showed up (according to ABC News 10). MoeZilla segues on to reveal that the tea party event in Sacramento “was only around 2,000.” Moe estimates that the April 15 protest was an 80% drop from last year’s tea party protest.

Then MoeZilla goes on to imagine that the Sacramento tea party folks are trying to stop the free speech of those that oppose them.

JUST calling Juan Valdez, who I personally know is a Conserv, to kick their arses

Apr 202010


Did you know that a courageous former radical helped to avert a planned left-wing terrorist attack at the 2008 Republican National Convention that might have killed who knows how many Americans? Neither did I until recently. That’s because if you disrupt a terrorist attack on Americans by Islamic fundamentalists as Northwest Flight 253 passenger Jasper Schuringa did on Christmas Day, you’re a hero; however, if you take the initiative to undermine a terrorist attack on Americans by supposedly well intentioned left-wing fundamentalists, you might as well be a terrorist yourself. Brandon Darby, who in recent years also refused leftists’ invitations to get involved in Venezuelan communist subversion here in America and in anti-Israeli terrorism in Palestine, learned this unpalatable truth the hard way.

Apr 202010

Big Government

One of the dirty little secrets of Capitol Hill is that most politicians – even the ones the horserace-focused media depicts as irredeemably ideologically divided – actually have no coherent driving ideology. The secret is revealed only occasionally. If powerful oversight chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) hadn’t reconsidered his plans this week to call the CEOs of major companies into committee chambers for his version of Beltway blackmail, the American people might have had an opportunity to witness it being revealed.

Waxman originally called the hearing in a characteristic fit of pique. After more than nine months of labor, the House of Representatives had finally given birth to the gargantuan ogre of Obamacare. Yet before the Democratic leadership could finish tousling the hair of the prop children at their signing ceremonies, corporate America started following the law, in the most inconvenient manner possible: they reported to their investors and employees the effects the new legislation would have on their benefit plans.

JUST Give the Rat some cheese

Apr 202010

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Apr 202010


~ Of course they did

The Defense Department said Tuesday it could not release the personnel file of Maj. Nidal Hasan, the suspected shooter in the Fort Hood killing spree last November, to the two senators seeking it as part of the subpoenas they served to the Obama administration on Monday.

The Defense Department said Tuesday it could not release the personnel file of Maj. Nidal Hasan, the suspected shooter in the Fort Hood killing spree last November, to the two senators seeking it as part of the subpoenas they served to the Obama administration on Monday.

Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, the top Republican on the panel, want access to Hasan’s file to see if there was evidence shoved aside by his bosses that he was an insider threat because of his extremist views.

The senators are also calling on the administration to release by next Monday prosecutorial interviews with witnesses, a supplement to the Pentagon’s independent review. They also want to have interviews arranged with Pentagon and FBI officials who investigated Hasan after his contact with radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

But in a written statement, Defense Department spokesman Les Melnyk said releasing Hasan’s personnel file might jeopardize the ongoing prosecution of Hasan – an assertion the senators dispute.

“All of our actions taken to date, and all actions that will be taken in the future, are to ensure the safety of our personnel and facilities and to remain vigilant to any and all threats,” Melnyk said, who quoted Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ statement last week that the Pentagon would provide Congress with any information it could so long as the information wouldn’t hurt the prosecution’s case.

Oh, Puhlease JUST spare me the BS