Apr 172010

Source: Reuters

* Backers hope for Senate vote in June or July

* Measure could affect states’ climate control activities (Adds reaction from American Petroleum Institute)

WASHINGTON, April 15 (Reuters) – A long-awaited compromise bill to reduce U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for global warming will be unveiled by a group of senators on April 26, sources said on Thursday.

The legislative language to be sketched out in 11 days, according to government and environmental sources, is being drafted by Democratic Senator John Kerry, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Backers of the environmental bill hope the unveiling will pave the way for the full Senate to debate and pass a measure in June or July if the compromise attracts enough support from a group of moderate Republicans and Democrats.

Republican Senator Judd Gregg told Reuters he was “committed to getting something that addresses our energy needs in a constructive and comprehensive way.” He added he did not know yet whether he would support the bill being developed.

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Apr 172010

FSM by Paul Williams, PhD

NOT someone you want to take home to mother

Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, the founder of Islamberg and other Jamaat ul-Fuqra paramilitary compounds throughout the country, claims that he and the residents of his compounds are victims of “false accusations and horrendous lies.”

Gilani further says that he has initiated legal action against the Christian Action Network (CAN), which produced a documentary about the ul-Fuqra camps, to check “their illegal activities.”

The imam, who resides within a fortress in Lahore, Pakistan, maintains that CAN has been working “around the clock” to bring about “a clash between Muslims and Christians in the U.S.A.”

Paul has been on Islamberg from DAY ONE

Apr 172010

Yet ANOTHER with an older date! We were in trouble from these two orders alone !!!

Apr 172010

The clever thing is, the DATE of this Video !!! This aired on Lou Dobbs Friday, Oct 24th 2008

Apr 172010

Thanks to rdl6989 who brought this to my Attn !
NY Post

A powerful green laser beam penetrated the cockpit of a jet getting ready to land at JFK International Airport, and it was so bright the pilot had to shield his eyes, authorities said.

The pilot told air traffic controllers that he had to use a sun visor to shield his eyes after the the light shone into the cockpit of the JetBlue plane at 7:45 p.m. The light appeared to come from the shoreline and was pointed directly at the cock[pit, the pilot said.

The plane, flying from Portland to JFK, landed safely without incident.

Police are investigating.

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Nothing happening…move along…

Apr 172010

Chicago Breaking News


Bail has been denied for a Wisconsin man after prosecutors said he admitted killing his wife, son and two nieces.

Family members previously said Larry had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in federal prison. Family members also said he had a dispute with Thompson because she would not adhere to the Muslim faith.

The Peaceful nation of Islam…

Apr 172010

Logan’s Warning~ Thanks Chris!

Ever since Obama took office, the pattern of our government catering to Islam has been crystal clear. Recent examples of this are Obama overturning the Bush ban on Tariq Ramadan, ending the use of terms like “radical Islam” in security documents, and the pathetic Islamophile speech by John Brennan, Assistant to the President For Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, given at NYU. Our government has now taken it one step further, and there is no end is sight.

Obama walks the talk in new Muslim outreach
Post-Cairo speech » U.S. purging inflammatory language and sending Nobel winners to teach seminars.

By Omar Sacirbey
Religion News Service

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Apr 172010


Pilsudski vigil: Polish nun pray under giant cross at Pilsudski Square in a tribute to victims of the air-crash in which President Lech Kaczynski was killed on April 10.… (AFP/Joe Klamar)

JUST remember them in our PRAYERS